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Introduction Cat Janice Singer

Catherine Janice Ipsan, better known as Cat Janice Singer , was an American singer-songwriter who rose to prominence with the song “Dance You Outta My Head”. Cat Janice Singer died on February 28, 2024, at the age of 31 from sarcoma, a rare type of cancer . Her music, spanning dance, electronic, and alt-pop genres, resonated with many, and her legacy lives on via her work.

The music world recently face the loss of Cat Janice, Who touched many with her heartfelt music and courageous battle with sarcoma cancer.

Cat Janice, born Catherine Janice Ipsan, went popular with her song “Dance You Outta My Head,” which she dedicated to her son Loren. The song rose to the top of Billboard’s TikTok list in the United States, becoming a beacon of hope and joy for many.

With a terminal sarcoma diagnosis, Janice’s dying wish was for her music to support her son. Her family has expressed enormous gratitude for the assistance that has allowed Loren to continue to benefit from her music.

Courageous Battle with Cancer

The diagnosis

Janice was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare cancer, in 2022, which faced her with her greatest battle yet.

Inspiring Through Adversity.

Despite her illness, she continued to make music, inspiring people with her strength and determination.

Music as a Legacy

Janice’s music remains a source of inspiration and comfort to many, transcending the boundaries of genre and time.

Her advocacy for cancer research and support for those affected by the disease marked her as a true humanitarian.

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