Buff Laced And Tolbunt Polish Chicken -A Complete Comparison

Gohar Mustafa

Buff Laced Polish CHICKEN

Buff Laced Polish chickens are a very rare breed known for their distinctive crests, often referred to as “top hats.” These European chickens have a gentle and docile temperament, but their crests can limit their vision, making them easily startled. Their toes and shanks are a delicate slate blue color, and their rich, golden buff feathers are neatly laced in creamy white. They are highly valued due to their graceful crests and lively gait.

Buff Laced Polish CHICKEN


  • Varieties: Buff Laced Polish come in two varieties: bearded and non-bearded. Orders usually include both types.
  • Egg Layers: Buff Laced Polish hens are good, productive white egg layers and rarely go broody.
  • Appearance: Day-old baby chicks are a creamy buff color with a dark tan mark over each eye.


  • Male (BLPC):
    • 1-5 chicks: $5.45 each
    • 6-15 chicks: $4.90 each
    • 16-24 chicks: $4.66 each
    • 25+ chicks: $4.33 each
  • Female (BLPP):
    • 1-5 chicks: $7.94 each
    • 6-15 chicks: $7.15 each
    • 16-24 chicks: $6.79 each
    • 25+ chicks: $6.45 each
  • Unsexed (BLPS):
    • 1-5 chicks: $6.48 each
    • 6-15 chicks: $5.83 each
    • 16-24 chicks: $5.54 each
    • 25+ chicks: $5.26 each

Remember, you can mix and match for a minimum order of 6 chicks.

Tolbunt Polish Chicken

Tolbunt Polish chickens are a fascinating addition to the poultry world. While Polish chickens themselves are an ancient breed, the Tolbunt coloring emerged in the latter part of the 20th century. Let’s dive into what makes these chickens unique:

Tolbunt Polish Chicken


  1. Coloring: The Tolbunt pattern is a captivating blend of white, brown, and black feathers. The combination of these hues creates a striking appearance that’s sure to catch your eye.
  2. Varieties: Tolbunt Polish chickens come in two varieties:
    • Smooth: These have regular feathers.
    • Frizzle: Their feathers curl outward, adding an extra touch of charm.
  3. Genetic Lines: Omega Hills Farm’s flock includes genetics from several reputable lines, including Greenfire Farms, Bare Necessities, and Green Acres.
  4. Eggs and Chicks: Whether you’re interested in hatching eggs or adorable chicks, our flock consists of both smooth and frizzle varieties. So, each egg or chick has a chance of being either smooth or frizzle.


Do Polish chickens lay eggs?

Every year, 150–200 medium or large white eggs are laid by Polish hens.

They are tenacious once they begin to lay eggs, but they do so later in the season. They don’t sit on their eggs until they hatch and hardly ever brood.

What is a Polish chicken?

The breed’s name is believed to have come from the Dutch word “pol,” which meaning large head. Polish birds come in nine different varieties; some have beards and some don’t.

The solid-colored varieties—the non-bearded golden, non-bearded silver, non-bearded white, and non-bearded buff laced—are typically hairless.

Is Polish chicken safe to eat?

Multiple Salmonella strains connected to poultry products imported into the UK from Poland are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

This year, specific genetic strains of Salmonella Enteritidis linked to poultry products like meat and eggs have caused over 200 cases of salmonellosis in humans.

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