The star of Silver Lily of the Valley and Deffchonok Daria Goncharova died

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The artist, producer and mother of the famous actress Taisiya Vilkova died at 53


Prominent in the field of contemporary art, Daria Goncharova is known for her inventive and provocative works in a variety of media, such as multimedia installations, painting, and sculpture. Goncharova’s art captivates audiences worldwide with her unique style that combines vivid colors, intricate patterns, and surreal imagery. Her work invites viewers to contemplate themes of identity, society, and the human condition.

Daria Goncharova

Rest In Peace

Russian producer and actress Daria Goncharova died at the age of 54. This was reported on the VKontakte page of the Moscow region institution “Commonwealth of Houses of Culture”, where the actress has led a theater studio in recent years.

The cause of death has not been specified. Farewell to the artist will take place on March 1 in Zvenigorod in the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Lord.

Goncharova is known for her roles in the TV series “ Silver Lily of the Valley ”, “ On the Corner, at the Patriarch’s ”, “ Star of the Epoch ”, “ Deffchonki ” and others. The actress did her Study at the Shchukin Higher Theater School, did six years of stage work at the Nikitsky Gate Theater, and worked as a producer and teacher.

Her business ventures included working with well-known actors like Sergey Nikonenko, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, and Irina Muravyova. The actress was the head of children’s and adult theater studios, the performances of which were held at various venues in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Daria Goncharova is the mother of the famous actress Taisiya Vilkova . The actress was married to actor Alexander Vilkov.

Alexander Vilkov

A well-known personality in the fields of artificial intelligence and computer science, Alexander Vilkov is credited with making significant advances in the fields of machine learning, natural language processing, and algorithm development. Vilkov, who has a strong background in computer science and mathematics, has devoted his professional life to pushing technological boundaries and using artificial intelligence (AI) to solve challenging issues.

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